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Sunday, 22/5/2022

      Dong Ha – Con Tien Firebase - Camp Carroll – Khe Sanh – Hill : 881N- Lang Vay Special Forces Camp – Dong Ha

- Kind of tour : Private guided tour

- Itinerary : Dong Ha- Con Tien Firebase- Camp Carroll -Khe Sanh Combat Base - Hill 881 N - LangVay Special
                 Forces Camp -Dong Ha  

 - Starts and Finishes : in Dong Ha City


At 6h30 : Leave Dong Ha for Con Tien Firebase  . In 1967 , NVA crossed DMZ and laid a siege to CONTIEN FIREBASE . The American side dropped 40.ooo tones of bombs and ammunitions to lif up the siege . But it was a diversion to prepare for TET Offensive for NVA side - Proceed to CAM CARROLL where The US Side had big guns 175 mm Howitzers which were called kings of the battlefields - Continue to Khe Sanh Combat Base - a big American base in the mountains - Drive up to Hill 881 North where the American Marines could have better view at the surrounding areas - Continue to Lang Vay Special Forces Camp where NVA used 11 Russian Tanks for the first time in the South of Viet Nam to attack the site on the 7 February 1968 .  Drive back to Dong Ha .
                                                   End of SERVICES


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